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The Zytglogge Mission

Carla Xanthis, a Swiss prosecutor investigating the banking transactions of a Russian pipeline company, is the target of a failed assassination attempt as she leaves her old Bern home for work. Oblivious to what happened, she is secretly contacted by Uri Yatom, the renegade Mossad Katsa who saved her life.

Back in the Middle East, Alexander Nikitin, the Russian Oligarch who heads the pipeline company, transfers his operations to Dubai where he purchases a bank. He moves to the Emirate with his key staff and Najwa Nilufar, his Palestinian/Iranian girlfriend.

The plot thickens as the characters involved cross reference transactions and individuals.

I Seek You 2.0

As all involved run amok searching for clues to get a grasp on the situation they are caught in, their handlers back at base try to make sense of the sudden commotion.

Now the Mossad, Russia's SVR, China's MSS and even Switzerland's FIS are trailing their operatives.

London Calling

As Carla's guardian angel keeps her away from danger, Nikitin successfully launches his banking operations on the London Stock Exchange.

Unable to hit, Mossad's new strategy is to plant the debatable notion that a destabilization of European markets would harm the US economy.

Introduction of Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR) and USCYBERCOM.

The Orient Express

With Uri and Alexander on board, the Orient Express stops in Paris where Najwa boards it. Following a short leave of absence, Carla visits her family farm in Emmental before returning to work. Crossing Europe, the train journey traverses time as Najwa's and Carla's minds meander into the past. Feminine insight wins over violence.

Mossad won't be on board, only US operatives tipped by IRN.

How does Uri learns of Alexander's presence on the train? Through Zvi?

Drones over Vegas

A contingent of Chinese Businessmen from the Mainland and Taiwan take advantage of a trip to the US to implement a scheme to increase China's edge in the Computer/Smart-phone economy. When US intelligence services learn of their presence in a Vegas hotel suite, they dispatch Jouni a local female Air Force Reserve Officer to gather information.

Succeeding beyond expectations, the improvised spy gets deeply involved in the case which migrates from Land to Air to Sea and Cyberspace.

Hangar One

Succeeding beyond expectations, Jouni, the improvised spy gets deeply involved in the case which migrates from Land to Air to Water to Cyberspace.

Allegiances get mixed up as interest, attraction and conscience intersect.

The Old Man and the Sea

Jouni meets John in Helsinki to deal with a local communication company.

Trying to dig into her past, Jouni hears about the legend of a U-boat that disappeared at the bottom of the Baltic Sea carrying a loads of German gold bars on board. The legend comes from a now deceased drunken Estonian fishing trawler Captain who used to tell a tale to bar acquaintances in Sompasaari after the war. He was claiming to have sold stolen Russian diesel to a drifting German U-Boat at the end of the war and of having been paid in gold bars.

John and Jouni take a helicopter ride to Tallinn where they track a surviving crewmen of the Estonian trawler who claims to having been shown a gold bar bearing an engraved Swastika. The fisherman, now in his 80s, confirms that a woman and her infant were on board.


CCTV are the initials which form the logo of China's Central Television, a network of 22 channels broadcasting 24 hours a day. It is also the acronym for Closed Circuit Television, a code name which used to be posted next to (no) vacancy signs outside motels on American roads in the 80s and 90s promoting the availability of porn films in the rooms. Today, it is associated with the increasingly large number of surveillance cameras installed on the streets of western capitals and more importantly, the ten million cameras monitoring China's 1.3 billion people.

Stepping down from your flight at Beijing's Capital Airport, your facial features are first captured, measured and recorded as an immigration officer scans your passport. A centralized network of over 10 million cameras using Facial recognition system will then track your every move until you check out at the end of your journey. CCTV cameras are on the streets, in elevators, lobbies, movie theaters, karaoke bars and on hundreds of battery operated drone helicopters silently hovering above China's megalopolis.

After a successful mission in Las Vegas and Silicon Valley, infiltrating the contingent of Chinese executives. Jouni's courting abilities are once again put to use by US intelligence to penetrate the workforce of a Chinese classified surveillance program named TNI (Target Node Identifier) to be implemented in the BIOS software of all computers manufactured in China.

ISO 3166

Uri, Carla, Alexander, Najwa

We left Uri and Carla in a Brig hotel room after he stepped out of the Orient Express on which Najwa and Alexander were also traveling. Back in Jerusalem, Aron had been notified about Uri's whereabouts from US intel, also on board the train.


Uri, Carla, Alexander, Najwa


Uri, Carla, Alexander, Najwa

Following 13 years of Labour rule, the Conservatives are about to take back Westminster.

Plans to continue privatization initiated under Margaret Thatcher have been announced by the Conservatives during the campaign.

Postal votes applications are flowing through the mail system.


A Colombian man is suing Israel's government after having been refused Aliyah. The case is pending in before the country's Supreme Court and has brought international media attention to Israel's controversial Law of Return. As local community groups organize in support of the plaintiff, the government has been forced to address the issue before the existing Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs which in turn formed a sub-committee to address growing debate regarding the origins of the country's Ashkenazi majority.

Minister of Diaspora

Teenagers claiming neo-nazi affiliation (Task Force 36)

Cannaregio 1943

Isabella Altaras, 19, moved to Venice from Torino when she was 15 to study sculpture and painting at a prominent art school. She lives with her uncle's family, who are Venetian traders of Jewish descent. She is secretly dating Anastasio Xanthis, 17, the son of a merchant marine family which moved its operations from the greek island of Kastelorizo to Venice in the early 20's. Anastasio is the first family member to be born in Venice. Isabella calls him her Greek God as she spends endless days painting and sculpting his naked body in various erotic poses. It is the end of the summer in 1943. Mussolini's regime has collapsed and the German Army is about to occupy the northern half of the country.