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Najwa confronting a foe

  • I don't know what I want but I know how to get it. (heard from her mother neda>axel)

Samaritan tread

The Khazarian haplotype

Uri's quest

  • Uri and Carla are cousins...
  • Uri's father, Yatom, probably committed suicide. Uri needed to resolve this absence by tracking down his father's bio father who's only descendant turns out to be Carla.

Mossad's Nikitin Operation

  • Is bogus in order to get US intelligence to track and eventually lead to Uri.
  • Mossad/Aaron learn of Nikitin's operations through Uri tracking Carla. They then use Nikitin to trace their man...

Why is Mossad so concerned about Uri being on the lose

  • Uri might know important state secrets and must be silenced.
  • Uri's revelation to Carla could be linked to some state secret that Mossad doesn't want exposed
  • Could it be linked to the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Uri's faith

  • Carla should get pregnant from Uri before his death then go through a "spiritual" trip to Palestine/Israel before giving birth.
  • Uri is killed on the Orient Express... Carla starts a journey digging into Uri's past.

Add to pursuit in I SEEK YOU 2.0

La voie de l'ange, citations

Le passé est la substance dont le temps est fait: c'est pourquoi celui-ci se transforme aussitôt en passé. Borges, L'attente

Anne (from Adriana Ivancich)

Let’s go! Let’s walk along the Seine and throw together these words into the river.


CCTV are the initials which form the logo of China's Central Television, a network of 22 channels broadcasting 24 hours a day. It is also the acronym for Close Circuit Television, a code name often posted next to (no) vacancy signs outside motels on American roads since the late 70s promoting the availability of porn films in the rooms. Today, it is associated with the increasingly large number of surveillance cameras monitoring the streets of western capitals and more importantly, over 10 million cameras pointing at China's 1.3 million people.

Stepping down from your flight at Beijing's Capital Airport, your facial features are first captured, measured and recorded as an immigration officer scans your passport. A centralized network of over 10 million cameras using Facial recognition system will then track your every move until you check out at the end of your journey. CCTV cameras are on the street, in elevators, lobbies, movie theatres, karaoke bars and on hundreds of drone battery operated helicopters discreetly hovering above China's megalopolis.



"Laissons les honnêtes gens à leur indignation et voyons ce que nous, anarchistes, devons penser..." L'anarchie 3 janvier 1907

Isabella's letter's journey

Add chapter when Isabella receives a registered letter from The Royal Mail containing her unopened 1944 letter to Anastasio.

Isabella's letter's delivery date

May 27, 2009

Character descriptions

The character description should include plot points that help the reader bridge between periods and treads. Mostly background information only suggested in episodes.

The Swedish Rhapsody

Starting from the time of their journey across the Baltic Sea, Eveliina would pull a small music box from her pocket to sooth Marie. After learning of Marie's passing and knowing that Marie had veered into a clandestine life, Klaus the U-Boat Radioman would use the same theme, The Swedish Rhapsody and a recording of her voice as a child to send her tips about the coordinates of U-3955's gold stash off Fårö island, to communicate with her through a numbers station.

Marie/Ulla would never break the code but Jouni eventually would.

At her mother's death, Jouni would find an intriguing music box playing the "Swedish Rhapsody" tune in one of her boxes along with letters from the mysterious U-boat Commander to her grandmother. She learns of their relationship when he was eventually released from Soviet labour camps in 1954 and that this man was the one her mother would sometimes refer to as her father or uncle.

Axel-Alex lines

-When I was young, customs guys would ask me to empty my pockets and show them that I had enough cash to travel through their country. Nowadays they search me to make sure I don't bring to much. At the end, it's all about the money.


Uri was on a mission to monitor China's infiltration of Mid-East end African governments.

Having learned from his grandmother's confession, that his father was the biological son of a young Greek Orthodox man living in Venice during the war, Uri manages, through his professional network, to track down his deceased paternal grandfather, deceased half-uncle and finally, his half-cousin, living in Bern, Switzerland.

On the day following his grandmother's service, he receives a returned letter from the British Mail written 65 years earlier by his grandmother and therefore confirming that his biological paternal grandfather never learned about his father's existence. Shaken by the realization that his bloodline is not as straightforward as he always thought, Uri drops his ongoing mission and engages on an erratic quest to understand his origins, which leads him to reconsider his views on the world's geopolitical situation and question the legitimacy of his work.


Part 1

Extend: CCTV / ISO 3166 / S1E10 / S1E11

Title: S1E10 / S1E11

Part 2

Write: The Chengdu Concubine / Made in Taiwan / The Moscow Games / Swedish Rhapsody / S2E11

Extend: Machine Gun Mary / Shatila by Night / The Last Khazar

Title: S2E11

Link: The Hansa Way > Swedish Rhapsody

Create: A character named Magnus

Part 3

Link: Operation Shut Down > La clef d'Ateh

Le sens des mots

Évidémment, on dit que les mots ont un sens

et on le sait, le sens donne une direction

qui elle, à son tour, engendre des directives

et ces directives, elles, émanent de dirigeants

qui eux, déclenchent des guerres,

et les guerres, on le sait, ça tue.

Alors, oui, les mots, ça tue.

Alternative Titles

  • The Venetian Cell
  • Just Another Brick in the Wall
  • Hope You Find It
  • The Passengers

Pix to load - Axel Pix Gares de Troyes TO BE PROCESSED - - -

Uri is a figment of Carla's imagination

-No one can testify that Carla and Uri were ever seen together. -Carla gets a letter from Uri but the n misplaces it. -She still continues digging and gets to the Najwa trail. -Carla & Najwa are one.