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CCTV are the initials which form the logo of [China's Central Television], a network of 22 channels broadcasting 24 hours a day. It is also the acronym for [Close Circuit Television], a code name often posted next to (no) vacancy signs outside motels on American roads since the late 70s promoting the availability of porn films in the rooms. Today, it is associated with the increasingly large number of surveillance cameras monitoring the streets of western capitals and more importantly, over 10 million cameras pointing at China's 1.3 million people.

Stepping down from your flight at [Beijing's Capital Airport], your facial features are first captured, measured and recorded as an immigration officer scans your passport. A centralized network of over 10 million cameras using [Facial recognition system] will then track your every move until you check out at the end of your journey. CCTV cameras are on the street, in elevators, lobbies, movie theaters, karaoke bars and on hundreds of battery operated drone helicopters silently hovering above China's megalopolis.


Beijing Capital Airport