One Night in Bangkok

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As the letter continues its journey, Uri lands in Bangkok and inquires about new options to elude surveillance.

In Bern, Carla's mental state is being questioned by her superior as no trace of her ever meeting Uri can be found.


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The postman walks by an empty lot, stops for a moment, checks the address on the registered mail envelope from the UK, walks further past a parked fully equipped Honda Goldwing motorcycle and enters a Pawn Shop. A fat man in his mid-forties sits on a stool behind the counter—desperatly trying to pull a tape stuck in a VHS player.

-Wow, Ricky. What have you got for me today? Looks formal! murmurs the shop owner as he catches a glimpse at the postman's envelope.

-Not for you Bob, actually these are.

The postman hands a stack of letters, mostly government mail, to the shop owner.

-Shit, thanks for the good news. Next time, drop them in my smoker outside.

-How I'm I going to keep my job if you don't pay your taxes, teases the postman.

-That's actually my plan Ricky. Why do you think we're going out of business. Because of all your Amazon and E-Bay deliveries.

-Well, I'm sure you're doing well, replies the post-man. Isn't this a new motorbike you got parked outside.

-Not new. But a shiny one, right! replies the shop owner still busy levering a screwdriver in the VHS player.

The postman smiles at the owner and gets ready to leave.

-By the way Bob, 226 Darwin Road, that should be right next door right?

-Well here is 224 and there's nothing till Howie's petrol station, which is what?


-Guess they screwed up then. What's the name?

The postman peeks at the envelope again.

-Anastasio Xanthis, 226 Darwin Road, Perth, Australia. No postcode.

-Never heard of that name...

-Ok then, thanks, good luck with the technology, replies the postman as he opens the door.

And just before the door shuts, fat Bob adds.

-I think I remember that there were issues with some neighbors, Greeks I think, regarding an unsettled land dispute when my old man bought the building... There are foundations a few yards from the road there. I don't know.

-Well. Need a signature, so I guess this one will go back to England!

The postman leaves the Paw Shop and notices the cut out rusted 45 gallon drum with a grill just outside.


Standing in front of his cabin's mirror, Uri is putting the final touches to the light make up he's applied on his and cheekbones. He straps a sports bra around his shaved chest, wears a light silk blouse on top then fixes a glitzy baseball cap onto his head before grabbing his shoulder bag and exiting the room.


On the dimly lit bridge, Uri, meets a sailor by an accommodation ladder which as been lowered on the sea-side of the cargo ship. Uri embraces the sailor then walks down the stairs to an idling junk which sail into the steamy Thai night.


Carla sits across from Dr Jan G. Grulc, a psychiatry intern.

-I understand that you are from Bern... Any reasons why you chose to come all the way to Zurich.

Carla hesitates a little, looking at Lake Zurich through the window, then back at Jan.

-In case you decided to keep me, I though the view would be nicer. Always felt a little entrenched back home!

Jan continues listening, leaving a long silence. Carla, feeling a little uncomfortable, plays with her nails, then continues.

-The truth?

-If you want.

-Bern is a small town. Didn't want people to know I was seeing a shrink.

-When you say back home, what do you mean. What is home for you.

-Definitely Bern. That's where I went to school. I mean University. That's where all my friend are.

Jan reads through his file.

-You wrote here that you were born in Afghanistan. Youn want to talk about this?

-My parents were hippies. I was born in a VW bus.


Carla stares at the unfolding scenery.


Wearing a baseball cap and her androgynous attire, Uri registers at a run down hotel, near Rama IV Road. He drops his small backpack on the desk to pull his money and ID. The young female attendant opens his Canadian passport.

-Pamela Sacred?

-That's right!

-So, how many nights?

Uri looks at the decrepitude around the hallway, then answers.

-One night... for now. Then we'll see.

-600 Bath!

Uri pull 6 bills and hands them to the attendant.


Carla is on the phone with Franziska.

-No, because they question the fact that he even exists or that I actually had any contact with him.

-And what about the bike accident on in front of your house and the man found on the Bubenbergrain?

-Well, the bike accident, no one reported it and the Bubenbergrain man, I don't know... They think that because you told me about it when I asked you, I might have, like imagined the whole thing... extrapolate from there.

Franziska doesn't answer right away, leaving an awkward silence on the line.

-And what do you think?

-What, you think I'm crazy too?

-No... no... relax. But we both know that this whole Russian investigation you've been working on has put under a tremendous amount of stress.

-Doesn't mean that I would suddenly start imagining things. This is crazy... says Carla as tears build in her eyes. I'm gonna go now, I'm tired.

-Carla, don't hang up... I'm trying to help you here...

Carla hangs up and sits on the floor holding her phone which starts ringing back until she shuts it down and lets hers tears flow down her cheeks.


Doctor Chat, a Thai man sits behind his glass desk as he is briefing Uri about the logistics of a sex reassignment surgery.

-SRS is a complex surgical procedure which needs a specialized set of skills and knowledge for transforming a male to female with the best possible aesthetic appearance and function. The concept is to make the new genitalia look as real as a biological woman in every way. I'm very happy with my artistic techniques of non-penile inversion which makes me very flexible. I can assure you that I will apply my skills and experience to achieve good sensation, natural look of female genitalia and perfect function for intimacy with your partner.

Uri nods with a grin. The doctor's nurse, who has been standing by him, invites Uri to the lean on the examination table in the adjacent room.

-Miss Pamela, please remove you clothes so that Doctor Chat can examine your body.

As Uri undresses, the doctor approaches and comments.

-Oh, you are circumcised!

-Yes, as you can see. Replies Uri, perplex. Is there anything wrong.

Doctor Chat grabs Uri dick and pulls it, then grabs his balls.

-Well, the more skin we have to work with, the better the results are. Scrotal skin is the most important and that's good but penile and prepuce skin is crucial to form the lip-like fold. In your case, we have no foreskin and not that much penile skin...

Uri gets kind of defensive.

-Well, when it get hard, it extends to a normal size....

Back at the doctor's desk

-Now you know that WPATH regulations demands that you provide us with 2 letters from professionals before we can proceed. As I understand that you did not do this prior to leaving Canada, we can provide you a list of accredited psychiatrists we work with here in Bangkok.

Chat hands a printed spreadsheet to Uri.

-Here you go Miss Pamela. Don't forget to be convincing. If not, they might not give you the letter.