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  • ...e in the Computer/Smart-phone economy. When US intelligence services learn of their presence in a Vegas hotel suite, they dispatch [[Jouni]] a local fema ''Succeeding beyond expectations, the improvised spy gets deeply involved in the case which migrates from Land to Air to Sea and Cyberspace.<br>
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  • ...ation they are caught in. Their handlers back at base try to make sense of the sudden commotion. ''Now the [ Mossad], [
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  • ...beyond expectations, [[Jouni]], the improvised spy gets deeply involved in the case which migrates from Land to Air to Water to Cyberspace. [[Drones_over_Vegas|<< PREVIOUS EPISODE]] - [[The Old Man and the Sea|NEXT EPISODE >>]]
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  • ...blivious to what happened, she is secretly contacted by [[Uri|Uri Yatom]], the renegade [ Mossad] [http://en.wikipedia. ..., transfers his operations to Dubai where he purchases a bank. He moves to the Emirate with his key staff and [[Najwa|Najwa Nilufar]], his Palestinian/Ira
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  • [[Category:The Passengers|3.013]] [[Category:The Quest for Eternity|3.013]]
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  • ...ger, [[Alexander|Nikitin]] successfully launches his banking operations on the [ London Stock Exchange]. ...the debatable notion that a destabilization of European markets would harm the US economy.
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  • ...preads. Hyperlinks connect the narrative to '''Wikipedia''' as the setting of a [ real world] parallel universe. Key '''The Passengers''' is the initial thread.
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  • ...the train journey traverses time as Najwa's and Carla's minds meander into the past. Feminine insight wins over violence. ''How does Uri learns of Alexander's presence on the train? Through [[Zvi]]?
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  • ...h for LVA. Thinking that she could trace AF's Jewish origins to the Middle Age, Najwa stumbles onto her own past as she transit through Montreal, her fath [[Down the Pipe|<< PREVIOUS EPISODE]] - [[The Last Khazar|NEXT EPISODE >>]]
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  • ...formed a sub-committee to address growing debate regarding the origins of the country's Ashkenazi majority. ''Minister of Diaspora
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  • ...cameras installed on the streets of western capitals and more importantly, the ten million cameras monitoring China's 1.3 billion people. ...reets, in elevators, lobbies, movie theaters, karaoke bars and on hundreds of battery operated drone helicopters silently hovering above China's megalopo
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  • ...neage will be doomed and produce endless generations of orphans, taking on the Hebrew surname Yatom (אבלים), for mourner.'' ...ans. His adopted son Moshe, probably committed suicide upon returning from the Lebanon war in 1982. Moshe's son, Uri, would dig back to find out about his
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  • ...vatives during the campaign. Postal votes applications are flowing through the mail system. ''[[Carla]] receives the letter from [[Uri]], then questions herself about his existence.
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  • ''As the letter continues its journey, Uri lands in Bangkok and inquires about new o ...Bern, Carla's mental state is being questioned by her superior as no trace of her ever meeting Uri can be found.
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  • ''We left Uri and Carla in a Brig hotel room after he stepped out of the Orient Express on which Najwa and Alexander were also traveling. ...Carla has been pulled from the Nikitin files and is now being summoned by the Federal Counsel.
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  • ...tolen Russian diesel to a drifting German U-Boat at the end of the war and of having been paid in gold bars. ...r who claims to having been shown a gold bar bearing an engraved Swastika. The fisherman, now in his 80s, confirms that a woman and her infant were on boa
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  • ...eople when she devises a theory relating to a possible Mossad operation in the region. ''On this quest to find the roots of her alter-ego, she is confronted to her own origins.
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