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Ao-nan Wang
Born: 1920
Death: 1967
Birth Location: Harbin, Heilongjiang
Children: John
Grandchildren: John
Position: Captain
Employer: NRA
Home: Habrin, Taipei
Ties: Ju-ling

Ao-nan was born in Harbin to a mother who had been active in the May Fourth Movement in Beijing in 1919 but had to seek refuge in her husband's family home after his death before her son's birth. From thereon, Ao-nan grew up in his paternal grandparents home along with his mother. Following her death in 1937, Ao-nan fled south to fight the Japaneses with the intention of joining the PLA but ended up joining the NRA instead. He died in October 1967 on a covert NRA mission in Burma, probably murdered by Chinese Drug-lords as their armies were abandoned by the KMT and the CIA.