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Episodia is a fictional universe composed of episodes and characters organized in narrative threads. Its form is defined by its medium and is expected to mutate as it spreads. Hyperlinks connect the narrative to Wikipedia as the setting of a real world parallel universe. Key locations are geotagged on OpenStreetMap and photographs are published on Wikimedia Commons.

The Passengers is the initial thread.

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Narrative timeline

The Passengers is loosely written in the format of a television series and divided in 3 parts (seasons).

Chronological timeline

Although the narrative does not follow a chronological order, The Passengers is mainly set in 3 different periods*.

*Parachronic periods, one mediaeval set around the fall of The last Kazarian fortress (965) and one futuristic beginning on the 250th anniversary of the US Declaration of Independence (2026) are also being developed.


Annexes are metadiegetic texts written by The Passengers' characters.

  • Isabella's letter to Anastasio was lost when the Royal Mail Ship carrying it sank in the Arabian Sea.
  • Axel's note to Neda is Najwa's only memento of her father.
  • Uri's letter to Carla where Uri reveals hints about his many quests to Carla.
  • La Voie de l'ange, an alternate ending to the posthumous diary of a young girl, is written in French by Najwa.
  • La Clef d'Ateh is the French version of a short story originally written in Spanish by Anne, La Voie de l'ange's diarist.