The Last Khazar

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From the flames of the burning Sarkel fortress, erupts Pisax, a 14 year old horseman launching lethal arrows killing everyone on his path. He is the son of the Khagan Bek who's army has just been decimated by the Kievan Rus. For centuries afterwards during its slow journey West, his lineage will be doomed and produce endless generations of orphans, taking on the Hebrew surname Yatom (אבלים), for mourner.


Yatom's biological son (or daughter) is believed to have died in his mother's womb in during the 1943 German raid in Lidice, thus ending the millennial lineage of Yatom orphans. His adopted son Moshe, probably committed suicide upon returning from the Lebanon war in 1982. Moshe's son, Uri, would dig back to find out about his father's adoptive origins, bypassing his biological ones.

Yatom's biological son was extracted from his mother's womb at Bulovka's hospital in Prague during the summer of 1942. His body was flushed and processed at the Bubeneč sewage plant before being washed up into the Vltava. From there, fragments holding the DNA of his unborn soul make their journey to the North Sea through the Elbe. (on Die Moldau theme).

Treads from Uri (the adoptive grandson of Yatom; the grandson of Isabella & Anastasio), Carla (Anastasio's granddaughter), Alexander (the "Rus"), Najwa (Axel's & Neda's daughter) merge with AF's proposed origins.


Scores of bodies lie on the inner-ground of the Sarkel fortress as the few dozens remaining Khazar soldiers block the main gate from a gust of Kienvan Rus on pushing on the other side.