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Alexander Sergeyevich Nikitin
Born: 1969
Birth Location: Tallinn
Father: Sergei Nikitin
Mother: yyy Nikitin (maternal name)
Education: Engineering, Tallinn University
Position: Businessman (Pipeline, Transport, Arms, Finance)
Employer: RPC, RMEB
Home: Dubai
Ties: Najwa, Viktor

Alexander was born and raised in the closed city of Sillamäe, Estonian SSR, to a Russian Navy weapon's technician and to an Estonian mother. He was a 25 year old naval officer when the Soviet Navy scuttled some of its ships in the Tallinn harbor. During the operation, Alexander led a group of renegade sailors to successfully snatch a ship loaded with military equipment and hid it for several months in a forgotten makeshift German U-Boat base along the Estonia-Latvia border. After repainting and "demilitarizing" the ship, the crew sailed via the Cape of Good Hope to Sri Lanka where they offloaded its cargo. On his way back, Alexander stopped took refuge in Aden but as the tide turned in Yemen, he soon fled to Dubai where he remained hidden for several months learning Arabic and making new clients for future deals.

Back in Russia, now rich and benefiting from influential OPEC connections, he launched an IPO for a pipeline company which made him an overnight billionaire. His operations profited of several years of steady growth as he became one of Russia's new Oligarch.

When a group of former KGB bureaucrats slowly gained control of Russian politics and economy, he had already moved his financial operations to the Cloud.