Isabella's letter to Anastasio

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Avihayil, January 6, 1944

My love. My love. My love.
I hope and prey that you made it safely to Australia.
Will you believe me if I told you that I swam to reach the Promised Land.
A young Arab boy was here like the messiah when I landed and guided me to a farm where I found some work.
It is harsh work but everyone is treating me nicely.
I have no news from you.
I miss you every day and every minute.
I miss sculpting your body and fainting by your side after love.
You are my God, my only God and I am carrying our child.
I hope and prey that this war will end so we could be together again.
I hope and prey although I feel that hope has vanished and that God is a ghost.
I love you, my love.

Write to me my love. My address is: Isabella Altaras, Avihayil Moshav, Avhayil, Palestine.