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Pat Xanthis
Born: 1953
Death: 1982
Birth Location: Astoria, NY
Father: Anastasio
Children: Carla
Employer: Xanthis Export, NJ
Home: NYC
Ties: Johanna

Pat was born in Atoria, NY to a Greek father and Greek-Australian mother. Not keen on following footsteps of his father and grandfather in the shipping business, he left NY in the early seventies and drifted between Europe and India where he met Johanna Beerli. Together, they had a baby, Carla, who was born in Afghanistan days before Pat got busted and jailed for trafficking heroin. After spending 4 years in a Kandahar jail, he was smuggled out of the country through some of his family's trade connections. Back in the US, he continued using heroin to which he had become addicted in jail and eventually died of AIDS.