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This is a page describing how to contribute to this this wiki. (In an initial phase, although registration is encouraged, only unregistered user privileges will be activated.)



Anyone can contribute. There are of 3 levels of users.

Unregistered users

As an unregistered user, one can contribute by clicking the discussion link at the top of any page. Comments on issues, writing, spelling and even format are welcome and encouraged.

Registered users (partially active)

It is encouraged to register even for those who only contribute to the discussions as all could then follow each others comments. A registered user can (soon) also contribute by creating new Threads of Characters and Episodes.

Prior to creating new pages (Character, Episodes and Threads), it is important to get familiar with the basic MediaWiki codes by carefully reading reading the instructions bellow.

Editors (inactive)

An editor is an established registered user and is granted editing rights on most Characters and Episodes pages by clicking the visible edit link at the top of any page or at the beginning of each section.


A character page is created when it is involved in more then 3 scenes.


An episode is the base unit of Episodia. Although it is linked to a previous and a next episode, it's narrative should be self sustained. It is constructed of a series of scenes (sections) and shall be contained in approximately 32 kilobytes of data.


A Thread is a sequence of Episodes which follow a narrative order.

How to create a new character

Each character is an independent page.

How to create a new episode

Each episode is an independent page.

How to create a new thread

When creating a new character or episode, a registered user is by default creating a new thread which is a category rather than a page.

Need more guidance?

As this is a beta version, this User guide page is still very incomplete. If you need further assistance, Ask questions. If you want to suggest improvements, fill a Request for comments.