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Evelina Ahlström (Eveliina)
Born: August 1927
Death: May 1945
Birth Location: Helsinki, Finland
Father: Mr. Ahlström (Industrialist)
Children: Marie
Grandchildren: Jouni
Home: Helsinki
Ties: Commander, Radioman

The daughter of a Finnish of Swedish descent industrialist father and of a Finnish mother, Eveliina, pregnant from a German Navy seaman becomes an outcast in her home country. In hopes of finding her lost lover, she sets sail on a journey with her new born daughter, hopping from a fishing trawler to a drifting U-Boat along the Hansa route leading her from Helsinki to Danzig from where she is finally evacuated along with thousands of ethnic Germans expelled from Soviet controlled Poland. She dies of Typhus during a refugee trek before reaching British controlled Germany, leaving her daughter Marie an orphan.