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Born: April 1945
Death: TBC
Birth Location: Finland
Father: Günter (MIA Falkkorps advisor)
Mother: Eveliina
Children: Jouni
Education: Medical academy of Lübeck (Dropped out)
Position: RAF member, Homemaker
Employer: Self
Home: Alameda, CA
Ties: Yasser, Florence

The daughter of an MIA young German Falkkorps advisor stationed near Helsinki in the summer of 1944. When her Finnish mother died during the exodus of German populations from East Prussia at the end of the war, Marie was picked up by a group of refugees and brought up as an orphan named Ulla in Lübeck. At age 19, she was accepted at the Medical academy of Lübeck where she excelled as a student.

In 1967, at the beginning of her fourth year of medical school, she surprised her peers by dropping out. Following Che Guevara's death which affected her deeply, she participated in demonstrations against the Shah of Iran in West Berlin and she eventually co-founded a militant group (RAF) along with several other students. Intrigued by Middle Eastern issues, she was amongst the first European left wing militants to initiate ties with Palestinian and anti-Shah groups.

After years on the run and unable to return to Germany she settled in Spain under a new identity and eventually married a US Naval Officer based in Rota, Andalucía.