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A television series about the financial system! The idea came up as I (Pam) was sipping a drink with my last remaining acolyte on a terrace in the middle of a work day. It was the summer of 2008 and the world was shaking at news of the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. The Bush years were coming to an end, and with oil prices nearing USD150pb, it was mission accomplished.

Unlike the previous crisis to hit my hemisphere in September of 2001, this one provided no clear enemy to rally against. Several CEOs were lynched; Finance dudes and their employees were locked out of their buildings; Entire neighborhoods were reposed by banks which in turn were reposed by other banks. The system had been abused and was about to collapse so governments foot the bill. It was time to press reset.

At the same time, my business operations had reached a similar fate so I felt part of the game and was somehow enjoying the plunge. In my descent, as I couldn't find the reset button, I steered towards writing, my utmost aspiration. But how to write a fiction narrative about money, about the system. My knowledge of television writing was that characters were key. So there I started. Carla, Uri, Alexander and Najwa took shape.

Money was the trail, but it all had to make sense. So the idea of exploring the notion of clans came into place. Then beyond clans laid the binding element, the ultimate quest: Eternity.

Wow. Writing a television series about money, clans and the quest for eternity. Alone... So I thought of inviting other writers to share the load. But How? Then this programmer friend suggested using a Wiki, and here we are.

Initially, I was interested by the possibility of attracting specialists and scholars to debate on key issues: International conflicts; Bank frauds; Secret societies; Governments... Then I thought of opening the writing to all. But how to keep a coherent narrative when different minds chip in? So the idea came up of opening the discussions to all while limiting the narrative contributions to registered users and editors towards the development of new threads branching out from existing characters and/or episodes.

While the television series is still a goal, its writing and collaborative nature are not only a stage but have become an independent platform. Who knows where it will lead us. The way is clear.


For usability, we have adopted the MediaWiki open source software originally for use on Wikipedia. Although we are independent from Wikipedia, we also believe that truth is safer in the hands of a collectivity then in the hands of a few.


The notion of copyright being in constant transformation or maybe even utterly obsolete, we are loosely abiding by the principles of copyleft. No further legal disclaimers are applied.

Beta version

This is a beta version where users are invited to read and comment on the narrative as well as to contribute to the form. As the project develops, registered user and editor privileges will be activated.


Episodia - In Greek επεισόδια - Denoting a section between two choric songs in tragedy: from epeisodion, neuter of epeisodios ‘coming in besides’, from epi ‘in addition’ + eisodos ‘entry’ - from eis ‘into’ + hodos ‘way’.