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Spring of 1945: Eveliina, pregnant from a German Wehrmacht Air Defence advisor, is now an outcast in her home country. In hopes of finding her lost lover, she sets sail on a journey with her new born daughter, hopping from a fishing trawler to a drifting U-Boat along the Hansa route leading her from Helsinki to Koenigsberg from where she is finally evacuated along thousands of ethic Germans expelled from Soviet controlled Prussia.

Eveliina is delivering her baby daughter as the radio announces that the German Army has retreated to Norway, having Scorched earth Northern Finland on its way, leaving a desolated land behind. Amidst the celebrations that follow, Eveliina is being pressured by her bourgeois Swedish speaking family not to divulge the identity of the baby's father, to avoid tarnishing its business' reputation and revealing ties to the Nazi regime. Not wanting to bear such a burden on her daughter and yearning to find her lover, she seeks a way to reach Soviet controlled Estonia, hoping to make her way West from there. Only experienced fishermen can navigate the dangerous waters along the "mine net" laid between Helsinki and Tallinn. Eveliina boards an Estonian fishing trawler at night.


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The low lying Nordic sun radiates through the sparsely furnished room overlooking the Baltic Sea. Villa Ensi was initially built as a maternity but has since been transformed into a residence by the owner's daughter. A section still hosts pregnant women in need. Alma, a Nurse gently pulls a baby girl from of her mother's womb. As no one else is around to cut the umbilical cord, she asks Eveliina to hold her dripping newborn while she gets the scissors placed on a side table next to a notepad. Eveliina Ahlström weeps a mixture of joy and sadness as Alma cuts the cord then wipes the baby before gently laying it on her chest and exiting the the room.


Through the open door of an adjacent room, a maid stands by the radio as the newsman announces that the last German soldier has just crossed the Norwegian border. The short war against Germany has left desolation throughout Northern Finland and the Finnish Army will now concentrate its resources on the Eastern front to block any Russian invasion attempt.

Alma walks down to the main staircase to find a middle aged couple standing in the lobby.

-Mr. and Mrs. Ahlström? asks Alma.

-Yes, anxiously replies Eveliina's mother.

-It's a girl!

-Is she healthy? asks the father bluntly.

-Yes, both the baby and the mother are fine. You can come in now, replies Alma, smiling.

The mother looks at the father who holds her back.

-We have to go. Please give her this, and this for you, replies the father as he hands an envelope and a couple of 1000 Markka notes to Alma.

The mother then pulls a folded damask blanket and hands it to Alma.

-Here, for the baby.

The couple exits the building and passes between two statues, one of a mother and child, the other of a man embracing a woman, before stepping into a chauffeured Mercedes Benz.


Alma walks back into the room holding the envelope.

-So? asks Eveliina.

-They left...

Eveliina holds her baby tight and stares out the window.


Alma places the envelope on the night table and unfolds the white damask blanket on which two words are embroidered; Pikku enkeli, little angel. She then wraps the baby in it.

Eveliina looks at the inscription with sorrow then grabs the envelope on the night table to find a stack of 1000 Markka notes.

-You are sure that you don't want to think about it some more? asks alma.

-Yes, I'm sure, replies Eveliina as she puts the envelope back on the table. Marie, Marie Grass. That's her name.

-Ms. Staudinger's told me that you could stay here for a few days if you want... says Alma as she grabs the notepad and writes down the baby's name on the birth certificate. You should rest now.


The pub is crowded with fishermen, sailors and dockers drinking and discussing the outcome of the war, and its implication for their livelihoods. In the back of the pub, the only woman there attracts attention as she talks to a young man, siting at her table.

-With the baby? asks the seaman.

-Yes, replies Eveliina holding Marie tightly wrapped in her white damask blanket.

-I don't know. I was told one passenger. Didn't know you would be a woman... With a baby.

-I'll pay double.

The young man is taken aback by the directness of this woman, even younger than him.

-Ok I guess... So meet us a the end of the dock at midnight. Be discreet. One luggage only... and the baby...

-Thank you... thank you so much.


A fishing trawler sails away from Helsinki. The Baltic Sea is eerily quiet on this third day following the announcement of Hitler's death.


Eveliina winds a music box playing The Swedish Rhapsody to little Marie's ear as they share a narrow berth in a corner of the main cabin where other crewmen are resting.

As Marie falls asleep and the music stops, one of the seamen, the one who she met in the pub, turns towards her and whispers.

-Good night.

-Good night to you too, answers Eveliina. How long until we reach Estonia?

-About six more hours. We could go faster but because of the mines...

Eveliina, caresses her daughter's face and pulls up her blanket trying to fall asleep amidst the whirring of the boat engine.


A fisherman, alone on deck, scouts the foggy horizon, as the boat navigates on a fine line between two rows of mines. Hearing voices mixed to the sound of the diesel engine and of the water hitting the hull, he looks towards the cabin to make sure he isn't being called but the trawler's captain is dozing off at the helm and there are no other souls on deck. Hearing more calls, he is befuddled when a surfaced submarine appears through the fog, meters away on port side from his slowly sailing trawler. On its deck, several sailors call him in German, and in what sounds like various Baltic languages.

Confused, the fisherman takes a few seconds to realize that the U-boat is not in a firing position, then replies to the German sailors telling them to hold on as he calls his captain twice before he could wake him up. Hearing the commotion, Eveliina climbs on deck holding baby Marie in her arms. The two other fishermen are now also on decks trowing ropes at the U-boat as more German seamen pop out through the submarine's fin side door.

U-Boot Type XXI layout

The captain of the Estonian trawler is baffled when the very young Commander of the U-boat jumps on his rusty fishing boat, followed by two of his unarmed men.

-Are you the captain? asks the German Kriegsmarine's Commander.

-Euh... Yes, replies the Estonian fisherman in German with a thick accent.

-We need Diesel. We can pay you.

The Estonian fisherman looks at his crew which have gathered around him.

-Do you understand what they want? he asks his 3 men crew in Estonian.

They all reply that they don't as Eveliina walks up to them still carrying Marie.

-They want to buy Diesel... They're willing to pay, claims Eveliina.

All men turn towards the mother and baby.

The Estonian then looks at the 75 meters Type XXI Elektroboote.

-Diesel! I don't know... How much do they need?

Eveliina translates in German then in Finnish from now on.

-Enough to reach passed the Russian lines. Maybe 10 tons.

-10 tons! Our tank only holds two, and we're probably half empty.

-You can buy some from the Russians in Tallinn, not us.

The Estonian fisherman hesitates...

-From the Russians... It's risky.

-We can pay you...

The German Commander pulls a 1kg gold bar bearing an engraved Swastika from his pocket.

-This one now, for your reserve... and one more per ton you bring back.

DECK, U-3955[edit]

The First Watch Officer (1WO), a young men not much older than 20, stands at the top of the fin's tower and observes the transaction through binoculars.


The docks are barely lit by a single lamp post on this chilly Spring night. With its lights down, a Soviet Army truck slowly drives by the docked Estonian trawler. The Estonian captain and two of his crewmen apprehensively walk across the truck's path. The driver flashes the head beams twice and stops. The three fishermen walk up to the truck.

-Let's move, says the driver in Estonian.

-How many you got? asks the captain.

-20 barrels.

-Ok, that will do, replies the captain, figuring out the maths as he answers. Can you pull back by my boat.

-No, replies the driver nervously. Let's do it here right now. You have the money?

-Better, the captain pulls the gold bar and hands it to the driver. That's five times the value.

The driver inspects the Swastika bullion as the two other fishermen pull up the tail tarp and start rolling down the drums out of the truck.


Baltic Seabed Atlas

The U-boat Commander, the Engineer and Navigator, all in their early 20s, are drawing radius with compasses on a map of the Baltic sea as the Estonian captain accompanied by Eveliina and Marie stand by. Marie starts crying as heavy metallic noises emanate from the pressurized hull. Eveliina plays the music box's Swedish Rhapsody to soothe her.

-20 times 0.1341 ton, that's 2682 kg... With what's left in the tank, it's barely 3 tons, says the Engineer.

-We won't make it passed Gotland, replies the Navigator looking at the map.

The U-boat Commander looks at the Estonian, then at Eveliina still singing to Marie's ear.

-You're sure he can't get more, asks the Commander?

Eveliina translates.

-No, he will already have to account for the missing 20, says the Estonian to Eveliina. That's all we can do... Can you ask him to bring us back up now?

Before Eveliina could even translate a message pops from the Enigma machine. All heads turns towards the Radioman. 1WO walks to him and picks up the transcribed message and reads:


-That means we can't even surrender to the Swedes. Our only hope is to make it past Fehmarn, replies the Commander...

Suddenly, the Watchman stops his rotation of the periscope and shouts.

-Commander! A four engine bomber is flying low at 11 o'clock.

-That's the third one this morning. They're is no way we can resurface before sunset, says the Commander.

-If that trawler stands still all day, it'll attract attention. The Soviets will dispatch a Corvette. We have to move on, says 1WO.

Eveliina who understood the conversation, thus the implications for her, Marie and the Estonian captain, becomes the center of attention.

-What's going on, asks the Estonian.

-I don't mind continuing with you, says Eveliina to the Germans ignoring the Estonian...

-What about him, asks the Engineer.

All heads turn towards the Estonian who looks confused.


A tiny black inflatable raft unfolds as it reaches the surface followed by the Estonian captain who pops out of the water like a fishing quark wearing a Tauchretter. He climbs onto the raft, sinks into it and stares at 3 gold bars which he pulls from his pocket before starting to row towards his trawler half a NM away.


-5 fathom down, 220 degrees WSW, 90 percent speed, shouts the 1WO to the Crew as the Watchman pulls down the periscope.

-Welcome aboard ladies, says the Commander as he looks at Eveliina holding Marie bearing a smile.

-Thank you Captain.

-Commander... corrects the Commander.

TORPEDO ROOM, U-3955[edit]

The numbing sound of transformers echoes through the U-boat's hull. Eveliina sits by Marie on a lower berth in the torpedo room. The Commander walks to them and kneels down.

-So what's her name?


The Commander caresses Marie's forehead.

-Hopefully, she'll get to grow up in peace.

-Yes, replies Eveliina not too sure on how to react to the Commander's proximity.

-How old are you?


-That's how old I was when I embarked on my first patrol, like 5 years ago. When I leave this ship, hopefully we all will, I'll be 17 again... Fucking war... It's like time stopped.

-You're only 22? and a Commander!

The Commander smiles.

-This is my first patrol as Commander. We left Danzig for a training sortie on March 26 and have been playing hide and seek with the Russians since then.

COMMAND POST, U-3955, DAY[edit]

The Commander gets back to the command post to relieve 1WO.

-All good 1WO, asks the Commander.

-Yes, as you can hear we've switched to diesel about 5 minutes ago to reload the batteries. We should reach the tip of Gotland with 3 hours.

-Great. Rest well 1WO.

1W0 salutes the Commander and starts walking away from the command post, then stops and turns around.

-I must say Commander, it is highly irregular to bring unauthorized civilians on board... Let alone, leaving them unguarded in the torpedo room. You leave me with no choice but to report this in my diary.

The Commander waits a few seconds to gage the 1WO's motivations...

-Relax 1WO... The war is over...


One by one, the Commander pulls a dozen of compact wooden boxes from his safe and hands them to the Navigator who places them side by side on the Commander's berth. All are sealed and bear an engraved Deutsche Reichsbank eagle on their lid.

-You are sure about the position? asks the Commander.

The Navigator is stunned by the number of boxes.

-Yeah... How much is that? I thought you meant 20-30 kg...

-One hundred kg per box. If we secure 10, that's a ton... We can't risk them seizing it all from us. Not the Russians nor the Swedes.

-Hell no!

-You have to make absolutely sure that we have the right coordinates...

-I double checked with the sextant and triple checked with the lighthouse... We're spot on... 500m in line.

-Right on, answers the Commander as he contemplates the stack of gold.... Oh, and how do we know that 1WO won't come out?

-Engineer is keeping him busy fixing the alternator in the Diesel room.

-I don't like this DJ fuck-head. Gives me the creeps.

-He's a fighter, Commander... Well, I'm going to gear up now...

Navigator opens the door to walk out.

-Ok... Last thing... Can you ask Radioman to send an encrypted message to Flensburg with our coordinates. This shall be our last recorded position...


Standing on the seabed by merely 15m depth, the Navigator is scouting the horizon with a battery lantern, trying to count the boxes. His stiff diving suit prevents him from looking up at a wooden box which is plummeting down along his breathing tube. The box hits the side of his helmet and knocks him over on the murky seabed creating a cloud of dust.

U-3955 DECK, OFF FÅRÖ ISLAND, MAY 5, 1945, DAY[edit]

The Engineer holds the umbilical breathing tube/cord as the Commander dumps the remaining boxes one by one aiming at the fading light below.

-It's getting tighter. Like if he got deeper... warns the Engineer.

-The light hasn't moved... Is he responding?

The Engineer hits the cord twice and waits for a response as the Commander's focus shifts from the bottom of the sea to the rotating beam of the lighthouse.

Suddenly, the cord is pulled 3 times meaning that the diver requests to be pulled back up...


The 3 officers are now at the ship's stern.

-This gold doesn't belong to us, but it for sure doesn't belong to the Russians nor to the British, nor to the Americans... utters the Commander. So, for now, it shall remain submerged until the three of us agree on what to do with it, right?

-And if one of us disappears? suggests the Engineer.

-Well then the two remaining will decide... replies the Commander.

-And if we all disappear! proposes the Navigator.

At that moment Eveliina pops out of the fin's hatch and climbs down ladder, surprising the 3 men.

-Well lets figure this out later on, now we need to find a way out of here, says the Navigator as he helps the Engineer carrying the diving equipment inside.

-Can I help? asks Eveliina as she passes the 2 officers on the narrow path leading to the stern of the ship.

-No, we're good... Go comfort the Commander... He's in the midst of an existential crisis.

She walks towards the Commander, sitting at the ship's stern, staring at the lighthouse .

-Can I join you Commander? asks Eveliina.

The Commander turns around and smiles at Eveliina.

-Sure... You want to sit down? replies the Commander as he lays his life vest on the steel deck as a cushion. You smoke?


The Commander pulls a couple of "Favorit Zigaretten" and blows a long flames out of his tube lighter to ignite Eveliina's cigarette.

-That's good... We have to save the petrol! says Eveliina as she gently pulls the Commander's hand away.

The Commander lights his own. They look at the lighthouse beam for a while...

-You should go back home Eveliina... The war is over now and Germany is not the place to be, says the Commander. We could drop you off here. This is Sweden. They're neutral. You could be home in a couple of weeks.

Eveliina remains silent for a moment.

-I'm sure I'll find him...

-Even if he made it, which is rather unlikely, he'll probably be sent to a labour camp in Ural or even further... For God knows how long...

The lighthouse beam passes right above their heads.

-Then I'll wait... I'm not going back to them. I want my daughter to be wanted... proud. Proud of her mother and proud of her father. I don't want her to grow up ashamed... hiding the fact that her father was the enemy and that her mother was a loose girl...

-Maybe you're right... But a loose girl... That much? replies the Commander teasing Eveliina.

-You know what I mean...

A moment passes. The Commander is uneasy, not sure if he offended Eveliina with his comment.

-You have a wife? asks Eveliina, breaking the silence.

-No... Never even had a real girlfriend.

-What do you mean Real?

-Well like a girl I go out with... Write to... That kind of things.

-But you've been with women before?

-Of course... I'm a seaman.

-You mean prostitutes...

-Yes... Kind of, replies the Commander embarrassingly.

-And did you love them.

-I liked one... She was a Polish girl in Danzig. I think she liked me too.


-Don't know. When we came back from a patrol, the brothel had been destroyed by an air raid.

Eveliina looks down, the back at the Commander.


-I don't think she died. Neighbours said all the girls went to the shelter... But no one knows where they went after...

Eveliina kisses the Commander on the cheek.


The Commander and the Navigator are drinking Ersatzkaffee while studying a map of Gotland.

-There are two possibilities. Either we try Visby and purchase from a fisherman, which means we have to enter and wait in the straight or we try the base here on Fårö, where there is a base... points out the Navigator.

-We could get squeezed in the straight... But then again, buying from the Swedish Navy...

-Maybe we bribe a seaman...

-In German?

At this moment Eveliina pulls the curtain and walks out of the adjacent Commander's quarters.

-Did we wake you up?

-It's Okay, Marie is sleeping...

-Coffee? Offers the Commander.

-No thanks, I don't drink coffee yet, and it wouldn't be good for the baby... responds Eveliina as she looks at the map.

-You're right, although it's not even coffee, replies the Navigator as he looks at his reflection inside his cup.

-I speak Swedish, if that helps?

Both look at her incredulous...

-How many languages do you speak? Asks the Commander.

-Three. Finnish at school, Swedish at home and German... Well, in you know... smiles Eveliina... and some Estonian, at the fish-market.

-Wow, replies the Navigator.

-So you heard what we were saying, says the Commander.

-Yes, you guys want to sneak onto the island to buy or get some diesel from the Swedish Navy. But you don't speak Swedish!

-Basically that's it, answers the Commander.

-How long do you think it will take. I can't really leave Marie for more then 4 hours without feeding her.

-4 hours! I think it'll be at least 12! if not a a whole day... says the Commander.

U-3955, ELECTRICAL ENGINE ROOM, MAY 6, 1945, DAY[edit]

The U-boat's Engineer ties a last wire to a Breast pump prototype under the suspicious eye of the Commander.

-And you're sure this will work?

-Yes, it's Edward Lasker, who was a student at Charlottenburg's Technical Institute where I studied who invented this.

-Lasker, the chess player? asks the Commander.

-Yes, answers the Engineer. So you want me to make the demonstration on you or directly on her?

-Well, maybe we'll test on a crewman first.


The Commander, the Navigator and Eveliina beach their inflatable boat on the northern shore of Fårö Island.

-Don't worry, she'll be fine... says the Navigator to Eveliina. There are 50 daddies playing mommy on board.

-I've just never left her, replies Eveliina.

-Let's go! says the Commander as he grabs one side of the boat.

The trio takes covers in a wooden patch about 500m north of the Fårö Fyr.

-There should be a road leading to the lighthouse. We can walk along until we hit a cross road. Says the Navigator.

-Do you guys know where we're going? asks Eveliina.

-To get diesel! reply the two guys, looking at each other.


Fårö fyr

The trio reach the lighthouse and take cover behind rocks, scouting the area for potential vigils. The lighthouse beam intermittently bouncing off a patch of fog over the sea, illuminates the area revealing several barrels sitting at the bottom of the tower.

-Do you think they're full, asks Eveliina noticing the barrels.

-Most likely paraffin for the lamp, replies the Navigator, who looks at the Commander. What do you think?

(Type XXI submarines were initially developed to run using paraffin for air-independent propulsion but the project was abandoned by the Kriegsmarine and replaced by dielsel/electric engines.)

-No... She's not ready... I mean we'd have to run it by Engineer but... Anyhow, strange that the whole set up is left unguarded, says the Commander.

At that moment, light beams flicker through the forest, revealing an incoming vehicle and defining the prospective road.

An M/43 Volvo all terrain vehicle arrives and stops at the foot of the lighthouse. The two men on board walk out and start calling a name out loud... No one replies... Until a dark shape, lying a couple of rocks away from Eveliina, starts moving. The Commander muzzles her from behind as the Navigator aims his handgun at the Swedish seaman who is slowly standing up, gathering his weapon, helmet and backpack, on which he had been sleeping, and walking towards the vehicle.

-Yeah, yeah... shouts the sleepy vigil as the two others break into laughter.

The tree Swedes sit by the paraffin barrels and pull out a bottle of Akvavit to celebrate the end of the war leaving the vehicle unattended, 10 meters away...

Behind their rocks, the Navigator looks at the Commander, who then looks at Eveliina, still muzzled, then back at the Navigator...

-I guess this is our chance! If we get separated, walk back to the lifeboat and hide. We'll either be there or they'll send another boat to get you.

-What do you mean separated! Let's stay together right, says Eveliina as she pulls the Commander's hand away from her mouth.

On those words, the Navigator notices that one of the Swedes stands up to take a piss against the lighthouse tower.

-Let's go.

The trio climb onto the road and make a loop around the vehicle to approach it from behind, hidden from the Swedish seamen. The Commander pushes Eveliina onto the back seat then climbs over the front seat where the Navigator is busy trying to figure out the starting system.

-You think this is it?

-How would I know...

-Well, they're about 3 seconds away from us... maybe 5 because they're drunk. So you got to get it right the first time. I can't start shooting at Swedes... Plus the war is over.

-Shooting! I thought you guys brought me along because I could negotiate, murmurs Eveliina from the bottom of the back seat.

-Well, change of plans... We didn't know they'd provide us with a getaway car...

The sound of the escaping vehicle steers the Swedes into motion, but the darkness of the Baltic night prevents them from firing a single shot.

COMMAND POST, U-3955[edit]

Marie is crying as the Engineer and two other seamen desperately try to get her drink from a pierced pouch containing her mother's milk. Radioman kneels in front of her and starts playing the music box. Marie slowly stops to cry, and starts suckling the pouch to the crew's great relief.


All lights down, the trio's vehicle is parked a short distance from main gate of the island's Naval Base.

-We're talking not even 10km... They'll be back within less than 2 hours!

-The way they were guarding the lighthouse, maybe we have a shot at getting in.

-It doesn't look like there is a fence besides the gate.

-But where is the depot? Plus how many barrels can we fit in here.

The Navigator looks at the space behind him.

-Like 6 max.

-That's good. We could probably get passed Rugen with that. We just need to know if the Russians reached much further.


The trio's M/43 Volvo stacked up to the roof with diesel drums zooms by the 3 seamen they stole it from before they could once again have time to pull their weapons. Confused and concerned about the outcome of the potentially embarrassing situation, the Swedes start walking back towards the lighthouse.

-Did you notice a slipway at the end of the road, asks the Commander.

-No, but it wouldn't make sense that they're wouldn't be one, replies the Navigator.

-Well we have maybe half an hour to get the raft and dump the drums. Eveliina, can you drive?

-Not really... I only drove a farmer's tractor when I was a kid.

-Ok so you get the boat and steer it back close to the lighthouse. Don't forget both paddles and the rope.

-You think it's all going fit on the boat? There was barely enough room for the 3 of us, asks Eveliina concerned.

-We'll tow the barrels.

-But they'll sink!

-Don't worry...


-Shit, it's gonna be day before we even leave.

-Hopefully the 3 Swedes are making their way back here and not alerting the base.

-Ok, let's go. Eveliina, to the boat.

-Nav, help me unload then drive the kastenwagen back at least one km up the road and run back. Find a way to stall them when they find it...

All three execute their task in a flash.


The 3 Swedes take cover in the forest as they notice the head beams of their running m/43 pointing towards them. After debating a plan of action, they cautiously walk to the m/43 pointing their weapons in its direction. After a longish standoff, they realize that the vehicle has been empty all along. They debate weather they should report the whole incident... One starts walking back towards the lighthouse as the two others drive back to the base, hoping that the longish watch turnover will get unnoticed...


The fin of U-3955 pops out of the water to the great relief of the Commander, Navigator and Eveliina who are arduously rowing with 6 fully loaded barrels in tow. Seeing two full bottle of Akvavit at the bottom of the boat, Eveliina teases the Navigator.

-I see you trusted that the barrels would float but you didn't take any chance with the bottles!


The Swedish relief vigil finally arrives by foot to the lighthouse, just in time to witness the German U-Boat diving less than 200m from shore.

Incredulous, he starts walking back towards the base...

U-3955, TURBINE ROOM, MAY 7, 1945, DAY[edit]

The Commander surrounded by Eveliina, Marie and most of the crew are gathered in the turbine room as the Navigator pours Akvavit into the seamen's tin cups.

-skål! Shouts the Navigator as he raises his glass to the crew and the girls.

-To all the mommies on board, pursues the Engineer!

Eveliina stands up.

-Thank you Engineer and thank you all for taking care of my little Marie while I was ashore...

-Our little Marie! shouts a seaman as he mimics holding one of his breast.

The Commander stands up and waits for the commotion and laughter that follows to settle before addressing the crew. At his side stands an uncomfortable 1WO.

-As you know, our country has now officially surrendered... The war is over... We have lost... Although I am still the Commander of this ship, as a renegade officer, I no longer have authority on its crew and therefore cannot unilaterally decide of its faith. Most of you are older than me. Many with families hopefully waiting for them in the motherland, or somewhere in what will be a whole new world.

As some of you know, this ship supports the latest classified technology designed by our country and is praised by our enemies... Former enemies... My instructions were to avoid seizure of this ship at any cost... Sailing it back to Soviet controlled Danzig is in contradiction with these orders. Scuttling the ship in deep enough water to avoid its raising would mean death for most, if not all of us... And we now have a baby on board...

Our only hope is to reach Bornholm, which is under the new German Government's control. Our batteries are now operational and fully loaded which means that we could try the impossible... reach Nexø by tonight. This means sailing submerged by at least 15 meters to clear the draft of the Soviet fleet for close to 250 NM. This also mean overriding our oxygen production by more than double its capabilities. So in the best interest of all, I ask of you to lie down, talk a minimum and prey. If we don't make it we'll have to surface in broad daylight... in very hostile waters.